My Story

Hello, let me introduce myself, I am Nadia Poggio, creator of the Brand "BE - Find Your Confidence" and I live in Carbonara Scrivia, a cosy little town in the province of Alessandria, in the beloved Piedmont.

I consider myself a dreamer and at the same time a hard worker; as of today, in fact, after years of clerical work, I have decided to work for myself, so I take care of my new brand at 360°.

Before telling you how I came to "BE Confidence" I would like to take a step back to let you understand on what basis this brand is really founded.

I've always been a girl with a few extra kilos, ever since I was in primary school; the one who was always on a diet even though I couldn't see any results, not even by accident, do you know?

Unfortunately, this has always been a particular burden on my person, on my way of seeing, looking at myself and thinking.

Yes, that's how it was until I woke up one morning and promised myself that things would change.
With determination and willpower, step by step, I took over my life and started to work on myself, every single day.
The first step was to forgive myself (which is very difficult but very important) and then to accept and appreciate myself for who I am.
I realised that my body is not meant to be a size 42 and, above all, that each of us has been created in the best way for ourselves. We're not all the same, and that's the beauty of it.

Today I'm not perfect (yes, I like to call myself perfect in my imperfection!) but I can say that I wear my sinuous curves with pride and ease, size 48.

I suppose you're curious as to how I got here, right?

Building up Confidence, day after day, I threw myself headlong into the world of fashion, becoming a curvy model and, later, a mini Body Positive Influencer on social media.

I deeply love bringing the message of positivity and love to myself and others.

This project was born a bit for fun, I thought of creating a line of this kind as a Christmas gift last year, mainly for myself, for the Women in my family and for my Friends. I saw that they really liked the gift, so I said to myself: "why don't you make the line available to all of you?"... and so here we are!

Another very important feature of my activity is that I carry on everything, constantly, together with my boyfriend Matteo Serpe.

Now that you know me a little better, would you like to be an integral part of my Community?
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