What does it mean when I read "Pre-order" on a product?
This product is in preparation. All of our products are available in limited quantities; if you wish to reserve the products, we recommend that you place your order as soon as possible. The pre-order period is usually 30 days.

How can I use a Discount Code?
Enter the code in the appropriate field before confirming the order , otherwise it will no longer be possible to add it at a later time. You can use only one promotional code per order as they are not cumulative.

How can I track the status of my order?
You will receive an e-mail notification whenever the 'order will progress in status.

How much does shipping cost?

Italy € 4.90
EU € 10.00
World € 19.00

When will I receive my order?

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Italy 1-5 working days
UE 7-14 working days ibid
World 14-25 working days

How do I write my shipping address if it is too long?
Please use abbreviations to shorten it.

What do I do if my package is returning to the sender?
If the tracking code tells you that your package is during the "return to sender" phase, it is possible that the address communicated at the time of the order was incorrect or incomplete. We therefore invite you to contact us by e-mail indicating the order number, the tracking code and a correct and complete shipping address (making sure to indicate the surname that appears on the corresponding intercom).

What can I do if my package is delivered but I haven't received it?
It may happen that no one was home at the time of delivery. In this case, check in the mailbox (and in the mailbox) if the courier has left a notice of stock, or check if the package has been entrusted to a neighbor.

What is the PAO?
The PAO (" period after opening ") is a symbol shown on the packaging of each cosmetic product, which indicates how many months after opening the product expires. Once expired, the effectiveness and integrity of the product itself cannot be guaranteed.

Are your products tested on animals?
Since 11 March 2013, in Europe, it is forbidden to test cosmetic products and / or the ingredients they contain on animals. Furthermore, we firmly believe that no animal in the world should continue to suffer from cosmetic tests!

A product has irritated me: how do I do it?
If you are using a product for the first time, we recommend that you test it in advance on a delicate area of ​​your body, such as the inside of the elbow. We also advise against using our products on skin that is already red, irritated or bruised.
All our products are safe, dermatologically tested and have obtained an “excellent” rating on normal skin. If, on the other hand, the incompatibility is manifested by intense burning and redness, immediately rinse the affected part and consult your doctor for a diagnosis of the problem.

I am using topical products and / or dressings for the skin, can I also use your products?
We advise you to carefully read the leaflet of your products and the Inci of our products. If you have any further questions, please contact your dermatologist.

I have tried a product and unfortunately I don't like it. Can I return or request a refund?
No , unfortunately it is not possible to return or request a refund of an open product and used.
We are very sorry that you are not happy with a product, if you want to send us an email explaining why.

I am an influencer and I would like to collaborate with BE Confidence, it is possible?
Send your request to the email address info@beconfidence.it; we will review your request and get back to you as soon as possible.