Beauty Routine

To stay beautiful but above all in health , the skin needs few gestures but indispensable .
A daily face routine allows her to have everything she needs.

The success of Beauty Skincare depends on several factors, first of all, the order in which to perform the various steps. Applying products in the correct order means making sure that they perform their function in the best possible way.

We can diversify skin care treatments according to two fundamental moments of the day: MORNING and EVENING!

That of morning It is usually the fastest routine , since you don't have too much time to devote to skin care before going to work.
In the morning the face must be cleaned of night residues, to be prepared for make-up, hydrated and possibly protected, even in the coldest months, to avoid the action of UV rays.

The evening routine , taking advantage of the possibility of shorter times than in the morning, first of all includes the use of make-up removers for cleansing and a level of hydration suitable for dealing with the night hours.



    💮 Washing your face is often the first gesture we want to do in the morning to refresh ourselves and make the traces of sleep disappear. However, simple tap water is not enough, so let's go and choose the detergent we prefer. We can choose the Cleanser Foam ( suitable for all skin types, excellent for normal to dry / sensitive skin), ideal for deep cleansing the skin by removing dead cells, ensuring an excellent level of nourishment and hydration; or the Gel Cleanser Make-up remover (suitable for all skin types, excellent for normal to combination / oily skin) which respects the level of hydration of the epidermis while counteracting its impurities.

    💮 Once the skin of the face has been dabbed, we proceed with the use of Rebalancing Tonic which compact the epidermis well and rebalances the pH.


    💮 The Antiaging Serum is the perfect solution for a first hydration.

    💮 Finally, the skin of the face is ready to be hydrated with a day cream to choose according to different tastes and needs. Choosing UV protection is important.

    That's why I chose for you a Protective Moisturizing Face Cream , 2 in 1: Moisturizes and protects your skin from UV rays in a single gesture; it is also really great as a make-up base!


    💮 Removing make-up from the face, freeing it from residues and impurities, is a fundamental gesture if you do not want to wake up in the morning with circled eyes and marked skin. The choice of the product to use, in this case, is given by the Cleansing Cleansing Mousse , excellent for a light make-up, or from the Make-up Remover Cleanser Gel , perfect for heavier makeup. Combined with the mousse, they give the perfect cleansing combination.

    For a complete cleansing and makeup remover action, what is commonly called double cleansing is recommended. In this case we are going to use in combo, first the Cleansing Cleansing Gel and then, immediately after, the Cleansing Cleansing Mousse.

    💮 Once the face skin has been dabbed, we proceed with the use of Rebalancing Tonic which compacts the epidermis well and balances its pH.


    💮 The Antiaging Serum is the perfect solution for a first hydration.

    💮 For the skin to be really ready to face sleep, it must be well nourished and protected, which is why the cream applied in the evening must be more nourishing and welcome the skin that rests and breathes differently at this stage of the day. In this case we recommend either the Protective Moisturizing Cream (2 in 1), or the Multi-Action Cream ideal for fighting the signs of stress and waking up in the morning with fresh and energized skin.

Come fare un Trattamento Viso a Casa

Soprattutto in questo periodo particolare, oppure semplicemente dopo una lunga settimana di lavoro, una pulizia del viso fai da te può essere la soluzione perfetta per te e la tua pelle. Primo passo? Prepara il giusto ambiente!
Proprio così, preparare la “scena” è davvero molto importante per rilassarti a pieno, prenderti cura di te stessa senza distrazioni e per goderti, finalmente, un pò di meritato relax. Se puoi, spegni o silenzia il telefono, accendi qualche candela profumata, mettiti comoda come più ti senti a tuo agio e perché no, magari accendi un pò di musica rilassante.
Passiamo al lato pratico. Assicurati di essere vicina ad un lavandino, di avere a disposizione acqua tiepida o calda; prepara anche il tuo asciugamano più morbido e qualche dischetto di cotone. Raccogli ora i tuoi capelli in una bella coda ed indossa la fascia in modo da spostare i capelli e non averli davanti al tuo volto. Ora sei davvero pronta per iniziare con il trattamento del tuo viso.


Per svolgere al meglio questo trattamento avrai bisogno della Mousse e del Gel detergente e struccante (direttamente dalla skincare coreana, una doppia detersione è il massimo per iniziare), Tonico Riequilibrante, Maschera Preziosa Antiaging, siero all’Acido Jaluronico e per finire la tua crema preferita (Idratante Protettiva se è giorno, Multi-Azione se è sera).

1. Make-up Removing & Cleansing

Let's start with the Cleansing Gel Cleanser .

Remove the makeup , the 'pollution and other impurities it is really the first step to make sure that our canvas can then accommodate a true work of art!

Apply some product directly into your hands (in this way you will be more performing!), rub and then go to massage your face for at least 10 seconds .

Rinse everything with warm water and, without go to pat the face, goes to the second cleansing step: Cleansing Mousse.


2. Double Cleansing

The gentle cleansing but thorough is a essential step to remove, as we said, make-up, pollution or other impurities, so that the skin can absorb the active ingredients .

Apply two nuts of Cleansing Mousse in the palm of your hand and bring it to your face, applying it with delicate circular movements to penetrate the product into the skin.

This is a real cuddly and fragrant cloud on your face. Enjoy it!

Rinse gently with warm water or a warm cloth, and dry the skin by dabbing with a towel.


3. Scrubbing

The next step is to exfoliate the skin. This helps remove dry skin cells and provides a deeper cleansing to make sure impurities, makeup and pollution are not left. on the skin. Pour a small amount of Delicate Scrub on the palm of your hand, rub it and shape it in your hands for a few seconds (if necessary add a few drops of water) and then apply it to the skin.

Use circular movements to make the product penetrate; concentrate well on the T-zone or on the areas where the skin is more prone to spots or oil and then, rinse with warm water or a warm cloth.


4. Nutrition

Now let's go and nourish our skin with the active ingredients, then go and use the Antiaging Serum on the face, neck and décolleté. The Hyaluronic Acid Serum is rich in an optimal concentration of low and high weight hyaluronic molecules. Provides instant hydration on the surface and in the deeper layers of the skin.


5. Attenuation and Prevention

Next, apply the Precious Mask formulated with gold microparticles and Hyaluronic Acid ; this gives it a high anti-wrinkle, elasticizing, moisturizing and nourishing action .

Leave it in pose for about 15 minutes, then massage with moistened hands, a light peeling that rubbing makes the skin more luminous, then remove it with warm water .


6. Confidence

During the 15 minute wait for the mask, relax, close your eyes, smile and chase away the negativity; think of all the positive things that life has given you, reflect what you should be grateful for and above all, remember how far you have come, < strong> how many victories have you achieved, how many obstacles have you overcome . Remember that you are a warrior, unique and beautiful like this, with all your strengths and weaknesses, with all your imperfections and characteristics. Never stop improving yourself but always remember to love yourself first of all for who you are, regardless of what your physical or emotional characteristics are.

If you still have some minute, remember to read the motivational phrases you find on the products . Positivity and motivation lead to Positivity and Self-Esteem.

7. Tone

Apply a little Rebalancing Tonic on a cotton pad and apply to the skin with movements from the bottom up . The Tonic balances the pH of the skin , particularly important after using tap water, contains Vitamin E, C and Hyaluronic Acid with high and low molecular weight for < strong> regenerate and protect the skin both on the surface and in depth.


8. Moisturization - Day Option

Once the wait is over, let's make sure you have a nice hydration . Choose your favorite face cream!

Moisturizing and Protective, with a light texture ensures the softness and consistency of a young and vital tissue, and favors the natural repair processes caused by external agents. It gives the skin a new light and protects against photo-toxicity of UV rays .

Excellent as a make-up base, you can choose it both day and night (Nadia recommends: daily use) .

Once you have chosen your favorite face cream, remember to apply it with a massage, just like a cuddle .


9. Face Massage

We take the amount of cream that is correct for our skin : not too little, not too much ... Right! Listening to our skin is important.

Once taken massage it lightly and warm it between the fingertips ; this will help divide the product equally between the two hands, furthermore, by "heating" the cream, we increase and its absorption on the face.

All movements must be light , carried out with the fingertips, sliding gently on the skin or tapping it gently (to stimulate micro-circulation) always avoiding pulling or pressing too much.

Let's start applying the cream from the bottom up , starting from the neck , going towards the forehead .

REMEMBER: An unused product, leave in the pantry, will never work !


Your skin will look radiant, healthy, luminous and will be perfectly cleansed and hydrated.

Whether you're going to put on make-up and go out, or pamper yourself on the sofa in front of the TV, your skin will only be able to thank you!