[+1] – Buon Compleanno a NOI!

[+1] - Happy Birthday to US!

Yuhuu 🥳, our first year has absolutely gone, and here we are tonight celebrating with you.

We launched the Brand in the middle of a global pandemic, so to tell you it was easy would be to lie to your face. It hasn't been easy at all, but YOU... You are special, you have loved and supported us.

Thank you to all the girls who have worked with us, thank you to all the special people who surround me and have believed in the beauty and importance of the project, thank you to all the Brilliant Women who, although they didn't know me, fell in love with the Brand, with me, with the products and Trusted me!

Since last year we are proud to have collaborated with important influencers, to have presented the project on RDSnext radio, to have received important proposals for future collaborations (. ..which we hope to be able to realise in the best possible way, also thanks to YOUR support), having officially registered the brand name "BE - Find Your Confidence", having started selling on Amazon.

Thank you Matteo Serpe for always being there for me, for being a true pillar of the company, for literally putting up with me every single hour of the day and night, for helping me with every little idea and difficulty.

Thank you very much also to the "Ig By Yourself" course for opening my mind, preparing me, helping me and directing me in the right way towards this special and important adventure.

Many ideas are in our heads and among these, several are already on the march, more and more towards you.

Have the courage to take the plunge, to step out of your comfort zone... to follow your dreams. No one is saying it will be easy, because it won't be...but it will certainly be a unique and unparalleled experience, a lesson to be learnt from, regardless of the outcome.

Thank you all very much 🥰

Celebrate with us, the first year of BE - Find Your Confidence!

To say thank you, we've come up with a 15% discount code to use on all our products, including kits.

Use this link to automatically add the discount code to your basket.

Or write the discount code HB15 when you check out.

See you soon,

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