💜 Giornata Nazionale Disturbi Comportamento Alimentare 💜

💜 National Eating Disorders Day 💜

💜 Hello girls, on the occasion of the day for the awareness of Eating Disorders (DCA), I would like to draw attention to this important topic, not to be underestimated but, on the contrary, to be known as much as possible so that no one around us, can feel left alone.
💜 It was the father of Giulia, a girl who suffered from bulimia and who died at the age of 17 on March 15, more than ten years ago, who proposed the establishment of a day to raise awareness about DCA. Since then, every year March 15 is colored lilac, the color of the bow that is used as a symbol of the day and of the entire awareness of eating disorders.
💜 In Italy, there are about three million people suffering from eating disorders; under these labels hides the immense suffering of people who are affected and who have the right to have access to valid and effective treatment, and to be treated with RESPECT and DIGNITY.
💜 #colormocidililla every day, not just on March 15!

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